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12 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids Beyond Ms. Rachel

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Let’s be real—technology is big for Gen Alpha, even with educational YouTube channels for kids. It’s unlike my Millennial childhood, where cable TV ruled the roost. Today, YouTube is King in entertaining and educating our tots. And that’s why Ms. Rachel’s character is famous in our home.

But did you know there’s a whole world of educational YouTube channels for kids beyond Ms. Rachel? Many of them also have catchy songs and colorful animations. Through their unique techniques, they educate our children in the same way. 

Don’t miss out on these top picks for educational YouTube channels for kids. Pin, save, or share the image below for a handy guide for your child’s viewing list!

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Educational YouTube Channels for Kids: Toddlers and Preschool

This compilation of educational YouTube channels for kids is perfect for toddlers. They all tick the boxes of essential yet engaging preschool teachings. Parents, educators, and caregivers worldwide highly approve of them—our household included.

1. Baby Shark — Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories

Surely, you’ve heard of Baby Shark. This song was a hit with my boys for three weeks. It’s catchy, has great animation, and has adorable choreography—just like all the nursery rhymes on their channel.

Cocomelon has 175 million subscribers and 1.1k videos. Their songs teach numbers, animals, colors, and shapes. Cocomelon also even sings about good hygiene and habits. Moreover, the toddlers they feature in all their content are diverse, which is wonderful for representation.

2. Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

We LOVE the Super Simple Songs channel. In fact, the adoration is so real I even watch their educational videos for kids alone! We and the 41.7 million other subscribers appreciate it deeply because of the channel’s huge diversity of topics.

Some of the content on their channel includes the classic topics of shapes, numbers, and letters. But the 785 videos go beyond that. For example, they celebrate important monthly events like Mental Health Awareness Month. In addition to that, the characters they feature are some of the cutest I’ve seen.

3. Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum was also my ride-or-die when I became a new mother. The channel tells the story of Mia, Baby Max, and Twinkle the Star. The videos focus on the basics—nursery rhymes, playing, and everyday activities like bath time. Their animation is super cute, and they have 41 million subscribers and 2.6k videos.

But what makes this channel unique is its emphasis on childhood. Unlike other toddler shows on YouTube, you can tell their animation supports learning. Moreover, their content showcases relatable scenarios. Furthermore, the channel says they promote learning through rhythm, songs, rhyme, and repetition.

4. ChuChu TV

With 91.1 million subscribers and 785 videos, ChuChu TV is among the educational YouTube channels for kids list. And with a good reason. This channel features catchy songs and colorful animations. It also features nursery rhymes and the basics mentioned in other channels, like numbers and letters.

Interestingly, ChuChu TV also has episodes with story-based songs. They show real-life scenarios kids should know, such as going to the police when lost. The characters are also diverse. This way, our tots learn about the world around them early on.

5. Sesame Street

Yes, you read that right. Sesame Street helped shape my childhood, and I’d gladly let it do the same to my boys. Besides, who doesn’t love this iconic show? It has 28 million subscribers and 3.7k old and new episodes. It’s amazing how the show has stayed alive for 55 years and counting!

Sesame Street is a gem for our kids. Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster lead in teaching about culture and diversity, kindness, and letters and numbers. They also introduce kids to handling emotions healthily (that’s why we adults can still watch it, too!). In any case, can you really resist Elmo?

Educational YouTube Channels for Kids: Kinder to Elementary

IN ADDITION to the channels mentioned above, there are many other educational YouTube channels for kids. They’re perfect for preschoolers readying for school and elementary students looking for extra help. Check out them out below:

1. TED-Ed

You know when munchkins ask you random questions you think you know the answer to but actually don’t? Yeah, TED-Ed’s got us covered. And honestly, their content is some of the best YouTube videos for kids. After all, it’s an extension of the source of infinite nuggets of wisdom, TED Talks.

With 19.9 million subscribers, their 2.1k videos discuss lots and lots of topics. They range from philosophy to science to nature and the human body. Their animation also effectively combines text and visuals to explain complex subjects simply and humorously. I guarantee you’ll enjoy TED-Ed with your babies!

2. Nat Geo Kids

Did you know that there’s an octopus-flavored ice cream in Japan? What about how The Great Barrier Reef houses more than 1.5k fish species? If your child wants to learn about animals and the environment, you can count on National Geographic Kids.

The channel has 1.14 million subscribers and 932 videos that showcase science, animals, and nature. Sometimes, Nat Geo Kids also features cultural educational videos for kids. Plus, kids ages three and up can access their magazine for more fun and knowledge.

3. Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids falls under educational YouTube channels for kids in elementary. Its host, Sabrina Cruz, leads in teaching its 802k subscribers to learn about engineering, Earth science, physical science, and more. Hence, Crash Course Kids is a good study tool for grades 1 to 7.

Like TED-Ed, the channel combines fun visuals and text for optimal learning. Crash Course Kids videos are also, on average, 4 minutes long, making it easier for kids to digest information. Plus, the channel has playlists categorized by subject for easier browsing.

4. Homeschool Pop

As a kid, I always ran to my dad for math homework. That’s why I was ecstatic when I discovered this channel and its main character, Dad or “pop” Daniel. Remarkably, 1.25 million subscribers watch their 416 educational videos for kids.

Homeschool Pop discusses many educational content for kindergarten to third grade. For example, there’s a playlist solely for math problems, such as counting, addition, and subtraction. There are also videos on US states, Spanish vocabulary, and grammar.

5. Art for Kids Hub

Want some self-contained learning activities? Check out Art for Kids Hub, which has 8.1 million subscribers and 2.7k videos. It’s a family channel with lovely art lessons, perfect for indoor activities, art classes, and easy homeschooling. 

Art for Kids Hub features fun tutorials for beginners to advanced learners. Here, they can learn about drawing, painting, origami, digital art, and more. Consequently, your child will gain a good grasp of creativity and self-expression. Plus, you’ll get to bond with them while creating art together.

6. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Educational YouTube channels for kids can extend beyond academics. The real world offers more than just numbers and words, so mental and physical growth is essential. This is where Cosmic Kids Yoga comes in, teaching them yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation.

With 1.6 million subscribers, this channel offers 1.1k educational videos for kids. Cosmic Kids Yoga showcases calming, mindful activities with themes inspired by children’s stories, such as Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid. And the best part is there’s no disturbing your bub’s learning experience with suggested videos, links, or commercials!

7. Smile and Learn — English

Smile and Learn—English is a fantastic source of teacher-made YouTube videos for kids. Like the toddler shows on YouTube above, the channel features cute animation, fun sounds, and lively colors. In addition, it has content for elementary school learners.

Smile and Learn—English currently has 1.04 million subscribers and 905 videos. The videos’ duration ranges from three minutes to an hour, depending on how extensively they explain lessons. The channel focuses on maths, sciences, history, music, and more.

7 Tips for Parents & Guardians on Kid’s Screen Time

Of course, we can’t allow unlimited screen time and leave our kids unsupervised. Regardless of the educational value of these YouTube channels for kids, practice these precautions and tips:

  • Enable restricted mode on regular YouTube or use YouTube Kids for better control
  • Schedule, stick, and limit all screen times
  • Always watch with your child to answer questions and explain as necessary
  • Reinforce learning by asking questions and discussing what they watched
  • Remind them that watching YouTube for learning is different from watching for entertainment
  • Do other activities, such as outdoor play and hands-on learning
  • Block channels or content that you don’t find suitable for your child’s age and development
Infographics on Additional Resources for Childhood Learning.

Additional Resources for Childhood Learning

Aside from YouTube, you can turn to these resources to supplement the educational YouTube channels for kids you’ll subscribe to:

  • Mobile apps: Educational game apps like LingoKids — Play and Learn and ABC Games for Kids
  • Online learning platforms: Websites with interactive lessons and exercises, such as PBS Kids and National Geographic Kids
  • Printed materials: Books, flashcards, and downloadable worksheets from the web or bookstores
  • Educational toys: Building blocks, puzzles, and  other toys that stimulate creativity and cognitive skills
Infographics on 7 Tips for Parents & Guardians on Kid’s Screen Time.

Curtain Call

Educational YouTube channels for kids are great tools to support your child’s learning and development. The ones on this list are gems, so visit them now and see which one is the best fit for your child. Have fun learning!

What shows on YouTube do your kids watch and learn from? Share them with us in the comments!

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