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18 Cute and Aesthetic Stuffed Animal Storage Hacks

A rattan basket with stuffed animals on a bedroom floor.

Having three boys means tons of stuffed animals. From gifts to prizes to impulse buys, our house is overflowing with fluffy friends. While I absolutely love how cute and cuddly they are, they can cause quite a mess. And a cluttered sea of them? It can easily make any mom feel overwhelmed.

That’s why I’ve been hunting for cute and aesthetic stuffed animal storage ideas. I’ve found lots to help tidy my kids’ rooms and many to add charm to the overall room decor. We also won’t gatekeep these storage solutions! So pin, save, or share the image below to help all your mom friends.

A Pinterest photo about 18 Cute and Aesthetic Stuffed Animal Storage Hacks.

Hanging Storage

Most often, up is the way to go. This stuffed animal storage placement is ideal for small rooms since it won’t take up any floor space. Additionally, suspended fluffy toys are less susceptible to dirt and damage since they’re out of the way. Hang stuffed animals above a bed, play area, door, or desk by using these ideas:

1. Baskets and Bins

A Pinterest photo about baskets and bins as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Priyanka Narula

Attach cute wicker baskets to the wall with hooks for a boho aesthetic touch. Moreover, add in stuffed animals of various sizes, shapes, and textures to show off your collection.

2. Hammocks

A Pinterest photo about hammocks as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Curated by Klevergirl

String up a hammock in a corner or along the wall, and let your kiddos toss their plushies into it. It can be a traditional hammock or a handmade one, like a macramé design.

3. Shoe Organizers

A Pinterest photo about shoe organizers as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Carolyn Fennell Seeds

A shoe organizer—whether clear or fabric—can hang over a door or rod. Use the compartments to store stuffed animals according to type, size, or even color for a visually appealing display.

4. Nets

A Pinterest photo about layered nets as stuffed animal storage.
Photo by Ikea

A stacked, multi-layered net is an excellent option for displaying many stuffed animals. You can purchase or make one, and it’ll look lovely as a bedroom accent.

5. On-The-Wall Zoo

A Pinterest photo about on-the-wall zoo as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Poshmark

If you have plenty of stuffed animals (I mean, that’s kind of the point), try creating an on-the-wall zoo. You can install two wooden boards horizontally on the wall and string a wire between them. Remember to place the zoo in a corner to prevent it from sticking out too far. Additionally, you can also place it on a wall where there is a gap between furniture and the wall.

6. Toy Chain

A Pinterest photo about toy chains as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof

A toy chain is an easy DIY project that only requires some string, hooks, and stuffed animals with loops for hanging.  You can hang it horizontally above a bed or in any other available space on your walls.

​​Shelf Storage

Shelves are household staples. You can customize them as many and long as you need, making them excellent stuffed animal storage solutions. Moreover,  they’re perfect for storing toys since they’ll be in plain sight but not take up floor space. Here are a few ideas you can try:

7. Floating Shelves

A Pinterest photo about floating shelves as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by PlanetJune | Amigurumi Crochet Patterns & Tutorials

Mount floating shelves on a wall at various heights to hold stuffed animals. Ensure they’re sturdy, as your tots can put weight on them to grab their favorite toy.

8. Ledge Shelves

A Pinterest photo about ledge shelves as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Hannah Grace

Narrow ledge shelves are a perfect solution for small spaces. Tuck them into cozy corners where they won’t get in the way or over a desk or dresser. Again, make sure they’re well-secured.

9. Bookshelves

A Pinterest photo about bookshelves as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by 2Modern

Use an existing bookshelf to store stuffed animals; it’s a no-brainer. You can even get creative and arrange the animals and your child’s books for a fun, colorful display.

10. Crate Shelves

A Pinterest photo about crate shelves as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Table + Hearth

Stack wooden crates on each other and secure them against the wall for a unique shelving unit. Place stuffed animals inside the crates or on top for a fun display.

Furniture with Built-In Storage

Furniture that does double duty makes life easier when you have kids. Aside from its primary function, it has ample space as your munchkin’s organized stuffed animal storage. On top of that, it’s also out of sight.

11. Storage Ottomans

A Pinterest photo about storage ottoman as stuffed animal storage.

Ottomans are another clever furniture option for storing stuffed animals. They can provide extra seating in a playroom or bedroom and have hidden storage inside for toys.

12. Toy Chests

A Pinterest photo about toy chests as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Tylynn M

A classic toy chest is always a great choice for storing plushies and other toys. You can find them in different sizes, styles, and materials to match the room’s decor.

13. Beds With Storage

A Pinterest photo about bed with storage as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Wayfair

Many bed frames now have built-in storage options, such as drawers or shelves underneath. This is a great way to utilize space that would otherwise go unused and keep stuffed animals neatly tucked away.

14. Storage Benches

A Pinterest photo about storage benches as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by DecorPad

Like ottomans, storage benches can serve as both seating and hidden storage for stuffed animals. Likewise, they are a great addition to a playroom for extra seating and provide easy access to toys.

On-The-Floor Storage

Do you want easy-to-reach storage that doesn’t require any installation or furniture? Here are some options for stuffed animal storage right on the floor.

15. Rattan Baskets

A Pinterest photo about rattan baskets as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Colour in A Home

Rattan baskets are stylish and functional. They come in different sizes and can be easily moved around the room.

16. Wire Baskets

A Pinterest photo about wire baskets as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Ida Interior Lifestyle

Wire baskets are like the modern version of rattan baskets. They have a more industrial look and are also versatile in terms of style and function. Additionally, you can see inside them, making it easy to find a specific stuffed animal.

17. Storage Bean Bags

A Pinterest photo about storage bean bags as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Etsy

Bean bags are not just for lounging around; they can also double as storage for stuffed animals. They come in various sizes and can hold a large number of toys. Additionally, you can customize the fabric and design for a fun DIY project.

18. Standing Wooden Zoo

A Pinterest photo about standing wooden zoo as stuffed animal storage.
Pinterest photo by Amazon

Want a zoo that’s not wall-mounted? Build or buy a wooden structure with bars. It can have many layers depending on how many stuffed animals you have. Moreover, it will look like a mini zoo in your child’s room.

Tips on Organizing Stuffed Animals

Now that you know some creative storage options for stuffed animals, below are some tips on keeping them organized and easily accessible:

  • Sort by size or type: You can have a section for small plushies, medium-sized ones, and large ones. Alternatively, you can group them by type, such as teddy bears, animals, or characters.
  • Use labels: If you have multiple storage bins or baskets, labeling them will help you know what’s inside without having to open each one.
  • Rotate toys: Rotate which ones are on display to prevent clutter. This also helps keep the room looking fresh and organized.
  • Involve your child: Encourage your child to help organize their stuffed animals. This can be a fun activity for them. At the same time, they will have a better idea of where each toy belongs.
  • Donate or sell unused toys: Regularly go through the collection. Moreover, remove any toys that are no longer played with or loved.

Wrapping Up

Stuffed animal storage is a fun way to organize and decorate a space. Mix and match different types to create a unique and functional space for your child’s toys. Remember to involve your child in the process so they can learn how to keep their room tidy and have fun at the same time.

Share with us in the comments which storage idea you plan on trying out. Happy organizing!

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