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250+ This or That Questions for Kids + Free Printable Cards

Cute little girl holding mind bubbles

Open my browning history, and you’ll see “this or that questions for kids” pop up 100 times. I can’t tell you how much my boys and I love this game! It’s the perfect icebreaker. And now that they’re growing up, this or that games let me in on their thoughts. Sometimes, they’re even windows into their hearts.

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What are This or That Questions for Kids?

This or that questions for kids are great conversation starters. They’re perfect for engaging our little ones in talking about their preference between two options. Upon choosing, they can explain why they picked that choice.

With that said, fun this or that questions are brain teasers. They encourage critical thinking and creativity in children. Moreover, this or that games give a peek at their persona and thought process. They’re also an excellent way to get them talking and practicing communication skills.

Not to mention, we can use them for education. Parents, caregivers, teachers, and even counselors can use this or that questions to teach concepts and values. You can customize them based on your sweet pea’s age, interests, and learning goals.

Why Kids and Grown-Ups Love Them

Kids and adults love this or that question for several reasons. First, you can play it anywhere you want. In fact, we play it before bedtime in our home. It’s also my boy’s and my favorite pastime while waiting on long grocery lines.

Second, it’s a really simple game. You can even play without any materials. Additionally, it spotlights the interviewees—especially our chickies. They get to share their thoughts, and talking about them makes them feel appreciated, heard, and understood.

A young boy hugging and kissing his mom on the cheek.

Why are This or That Questions Important for Kids?

There are lots of advantages to this or that game. Aside from the ones mentioned above, I can always count on this game to: 

  • Promote a light and fun atmosphere at the house, on long car rides, or
    during social events
  • Deepen family bonding
  • Sharpen decision-making skills in a fun and stress-free way
  • Improve imagination and creativity
  • Build confidence
  • Enhance communication skills

How to Play This or That Game for Kids

The game’s rules are easy. All you need are sets of two options, an eager child, and a curious mind. You can either take turns asking each other questions or have one person as the “question master” for a set amount of time.

Once the questioner gives two options, the interviewee must choose one between them. They can explain why they made that option or share a related story.

For example, you can ask, “Would you rather have a pet bunny or a pet turtle?” Or, simply say, “A pet bunny or a pet turtle?” Whatever your method, begin with light-hearted and entertaining questions. Once they get the hang of it, you can move on to more thought-provoking ones.

Tips to Make This or That Game More Enjoyable

Here are some tips to make the game even more enjoyable for kids:

  • Tailor questions according to your child’s age and interests
  • Alternate between silly and thought-provoking questions
  • Play with multiple children or as a family for more interaction and fun
  • Get creative with your questions!
A young dad carrying his little daughter.

When and Where to Play This or That Games

Because you can play this game anytime and anywhere, I recommend having it during the following situations:

  • Family time
  • Playdates
  • Sleepovers
  • Birthday parties
  • Classroom activities
  • Road trips
  • Getting to know friends
  • Team building

250+ This or That Questions for Kids

250+ this or that questions for kids with nature background.

Animals This or That Questions

  • Dog or cat?
  • Horse or crocodile?
  • Lion or tiger?
  • Penguin or polar bear?
  • Elephant or giraffe?
  • Dolphin or shark?
  • Monkey or gorilla?
  • Snake or spider?
  • Rabbit or hamster?
  • Goldfish or betta fish?
Animals this or that questions for kids.

Food This or That Questions for Kids

  • Pizza or hamburger?
  • Cereals or pancakes?
  • Soda or orange juice?
  • Candies or lollipops?
  • Steak or fried chicken?
  • Ice cream or sushi?
  • Apples or grapes?
  • Hot dog or corn dog?
  • French fries or onion rings?
  • Chocolate or vanilla?
  • Spicy or sour?
  • Homemade meals or takeout?
Food this or that questions for kids.

Superheroes This or That Questions

  • Batman or Spiderman?
  • Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?
  • Ironman or Superman?
  • Hulk or Thor?
  • Black Widow or Scarlet Witch?
  • Aquaman or Flash?
  • Green Lantern or Ant-Man?
  • Wolverine or Cyclops?
  • Storm or Jean Grey?
  • Deadpool or Venom?
Superheroes this and that questions for kids.

Colors This or That Questions

  • Blue or grey?
  • Red or orange?
  • Yellow or green?
  • Purple or pink?
  • Black or white?
  • Brown or maroon?
  • Navy or olive green?
  • Sky Blue or lime green?
  • Lavender or lilac?
  • Beige or burgundy?
Colors this or that questions for kids.

Activities This or That Questions

  • Swimming or biking?
  • Barbecue or picnic?
  • Dancing or singing?
  • Swimming in a pool or jumping on a trampoline?
  • Play soccer or basketball?
  • Watch movies or TV shows?
  • Drawing or painting?
  • Reading or writing?
  • Hiking or camping?
  • Play board games or video games?
  • Go to the park or the beach?
Activities this or that questions for kids.

Chores This or That Questions

  • Do dishes or fold laundry?
  • Vacuum or dust?
  • Take out the trash or mow the lawn?
  • Wash the car or walk the dog?
  • Clean your room or the bathroom?
  • Grocery shopping or cooking dinner?
  • Sweep or scrub floors?
  • Water plants or make beds?
  • Change sheets or iron clothes?
  • Rake leaves or shovel snow?
Chores this or that questions for kids.

Vacation This or That Questions

  • Beach or mountains?
  • Road trip or plane ride?
  • Camp or stay at a hotel?
  • Europe or Asia?
  • Cruise ship or road trip?
  • City tour or relax on the beach?
  • Adventure activities or spa day?
  • Skiing or snowboarding?
  • Hot and humid or cold and snowy weather?
  • Try exotic foods or stick to familiar dishes?
Vacation this or that questions for kids.

Transportation This or That Questions

  • Car or motorcycle?
  • Bus or train?
  • Bike or scooter?
  • Walking or running?
  • Boat or plane?
  • Helicopter or hot air balloon?
  • Taxi or Uber/Lyft?
  • Skateboard or rollerblades?
  • Segway tour or horseback riding?
  • Electric car or hybrid car?
Transportation this or that questions for kids.

Fashion This or That Questions

  • Jeans or sweatpants?
  • T-shirt or Polos?
  • Long socks or short socks?
  • Sneakers or dress shoes?
  • Hat or sunglasses?
  • Bracelet or watch?
  • Necklace or anklet?
  • Purse or backpack?
  • Formal wear or casual wear?
  • Matching colors or mixing patterns?
Fashion this or that questions for kids.

School This or That Questions

  • Maths or Science?
  • Lunch or recess?
  • History or Geography?
  • Reading or Writing?
  • Art or Music?
  • Gym or library?
  • English or Language?
  • Field trip or movie day?
  • Bike or walk to school?
  • Sit in front or back?
School this or that questions for kids.

Movies This or That Questions

  • How to Train Your Dragon or Finding Nemo?
  • Comedy or action movies?
  • Marvel or DC?
  • Comedies or horror films?
  • Superhero movies or superhero TV shows?
  • Harry Potter or Narnia?
  • Netflix or Hulu?
  • Eat popcorn or eat candy while watching?
  • Watch a movie in theaters or at home?
  • Classic films or new releases?

Technology This or That Questions

  • Apple or Android?
  • Laptop or iPad?
  • iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?
  • Social media or texting?
  • Video games or board games?
  • Virtual reality or augmented reality?
  • Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  • Stream music or listen to records?
  • Selfie stick or tripod?
  • Google or Bing?
Technology this or that questions for kids.

Careers  This or That Questions

  • Doctor or lawyer?
  • Teacher or architect?
  • Engineer or writer?
  • Director or dancer?
  • Actor or musician?
  • Chef or photographer?
  • Entrepreneur or corporate executive?
  • Scientist or professor?
  • Marketing or finance?
  • Athlete or business owner?
  • Work from home or in an office?
  • Office job or outdoor job?
  • Work alone or in a team?
  • Medical field or technology industry?
  • Business owner or employee?
  • Bring your pet to work or a pet-free workplace?
  • Travel for work or stay in one location?
  • Wear a coat and tie or casual work attire?
  • Teach kids or adults?
Career this or that questions for kids.

Fairy Tales This or That Questions

  • Cinderella or Snow White?
  • Prince Charming or Tarzan?
  • Glass slippers or magic carpet?
  • Fairy godmother or talking animals?
  • Evil stepmother or evil queen?
  • Castle in the sky or underwater palace?
  • Dragons or giants?
  • Superpowers or magic spells?
  • Enchanted forest or mystical kingdom?
  • Brave hero or clever heroine?
Fairy tale this or that questions for kids.

Instruments This or That Questions

  • Piano or guitar?
  • Violin or flute?
  • Drums or saxophone?
  • Acoustic or electric?
  • Solo performer or part of a band?
  • Singing or playing an instrument?
  • Perform on-stage or in a studio?
  • Buy or rent an instrument?
  • Learn at home or take lessons?
  • Classical or contemporary music?
Instruments this or that questions for kids.

Holidays This or That Questions

  • Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
  • Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  • Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve?
  • Summer vacation or winter break?
  • Easter egg hunt or trick-or-treating?
  • Celebrate with family or friends?
  • Giving presents or receiving them?
  • Winter wonderland or tropical getaway?
  • Fireworks display or parade?
  • Home-cooked meal or dining out?
Holidays this or that questions for kids.

Games This or That Questions

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors or Tic Tac Toe?
  • Hide and seek or tag?
  • Chess or checkers?
  • Card games or word games?
  • Musical chairs or Simon Says?
  • Bring Me or Truth or Dare?
  • Charades or pictionary?
  • Outdoor games or indoor games?
  • Freeze dance or puzzle solving?
  • Twister or hopscotch?
Games this or that questions for kids.

Dinosaurs This or That Questions

  • T-rex or Triceratops?
  • Stegosaurus or Brachiosaurus?
  • Velociraptor or Pterodactyl?
  • Jurassic period or Cretaceous period?
  • Fossil hunting or dinosaur museum?
  • Herbivore or carnivore?
  • Land dinosaurs or water dinosaurs?
  • Walking on two legs or four?
  • Large and scary or small and cute?
  • Flying or swimming dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs this or that questions for kids.

Outer Space This or That Questions

  • Moon or Mars?
  • Sun or stars?
  • Astronauts or aliens?
  • Space station or spacecraft?
  • Telescope or rover?
  • Solar system or universe?
  • Earth-like planets or gas giants?
  • With gravity or no gravity?
  • Shooting stars or comets?
  • Rockets or spaceships?
Outer space this or that questions for kids.

Superpowers This or That Questions

  • Fly or teleport?
  • Invisibility or super strength?
  • Mind reading or shapeshifting?
  • Time travel or live forever?
  • Healing powers or animal communication?
  • Transform into any animal or control the elements?
  • X-ray vision or super hearing?
  • Create fire or control water?
  • Super speed or super intelligence?
  • Control technology or control plants?
Superpowers this or that questions for kids.

Disney This or That Questions

  • Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
  • Aladdin or The Lion King?
  • Toy Story or Finding Nemo?
  • Snow White or Sleeping Beauty?
  • Mulan or Pocahontas?
  • Tangled or Brave?
  • Lilo & Stitch or The Little Mermaid?
  • Zootopia or Moana?
  • Frozen or Coco?
  • Beauty and the Beast or The Princess and the Frog?
Disney this or that questions for kids.

Sports This or That Questions

  • Basketball or football?
  • Soccer or hockey?
  • Tennis or golf?
  • Baseball or softball?
  • Swimming or diving?
  • Gymnastics or figure skating?
  • Volleyball or beach volleyball?
  • Track or cross country?
  • Wrestling or martial arts?
  • Cheerleading or dance?
Sports this or that questions for kids.

Lifestyle This or That Questions

  • Play video games or watch TV?
  • Read a book or listen to music?
  • Beach vacation or mountain retreat?
  • Milk or smoothie?
  • Wake up early or sleep late?
  • Bond with friends or play alone?
  • Live in a big city or small town?
  • Shopping or giving gifts?
  • Calling or texting?
  • New clothes or new experiences?
Lifestyle this or that questions for kids.

Friendship This or That Questions

  • Sleepover or go to the park?
  • Friendship keychains or bracelets?
  • One best friend or a group of close friends?
  • Pranks or truth or dare?
  • Cook dinner together or order pizza delivery?
  • Video chat or hang out in person?
  • Matching outfits or different styles?
  • Play sports or watch movies with friends?
  • Share secrets with friends or keep them to yourself?
  • High fives or fist bumps?
Friendship this or that questions for kids.

Siblings This or That Questions

  • Share a room or have separate rooms?
  • Birthday celebrations together or separate?
  • Share clothes or play sports together?
  • Different hobbies or help each other with homework?
  • Team up for chores or watch each other’s favorite shows?
  • Play games together or go on adventures?
  • Go on family vacations or order takeout?
  • Have pets or share secrets?
  • Play pranks or make crafts together?
  • Compete in sports or sell lemonade together?
Siblings this or that questions for kids.

Silly and Funny This or That Questions

  • Funny faces or fart noises?
  • Wear silly masks or funny hats?
  • Dance like a robot or sing like a bird?
  • Do a funny pose or burp the alphabet?
  • Eat a bug or lick soap?
  • Play with slime or silly putty?
  • Wear a superhero cape or mustache?
  • Eat ice cream with catsup or fries with vinegar?
  • Speak like a pirate or a robot?
  • Elevator with a clown or a grumpy cat?
Silly and funny this or that questions for kids.

Thought-Provoking This or That Questions

  • Travel to the future or play any instrument?
  • Have super strength or live in a castle?
  • Live in a treehouse or read minds?
  • Speak every language or travel to the past?
  • Turn invisible or fly?
  • Meet a royalty or have unlimited money?
  • Live in space or under the sea?
  • Jump on clouds or fly on a dragon?
  • Have a pet unicorn or befriend fairies?
  • Eat giant cakes or drink bottomless tea?
Thought-provoking this or that questions for kids.

Topics to Avoid in A This or That Game

To keep everything fun and lighthearted, avoid these topics for this or that questions for kids:

  • Physical appearance
  • Health issues or illnesses
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Sensitive personal information
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Secrets and gossip
  • Inappropriate or offensive topics
  • Anything that could cause discomfort or hurt feelings

Be always respectful and mindful when playing this or that questions for kids. You want your little one to have fun, so steer clear of any topics that could ruin the mood. Keep them comfortable with light-hearted questions, and have a good time.

Topics to avoid in a this or that game for kids.

Wrapping Up

This or that questions for kids are surefire ways to have a good time with your children. Get creative, be silly, and have fun! Do you play this game with your tiny bubs? If so, share your favorite topics below!

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