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Adorable Unicorn Coloring Pages For Kids- Free

Unicorn coloring page for kids. Unicorn in the clouds.

Are you looking for an activity to do with your kids on a rainy day? Try our free unicorn coloring pages. Below, you will find PDF downloadable images of our custom images.

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How to Use Unicorn Coloring Pages

There are various ways you can use these adorable images! Below are just a few of our favorite ideas! Let us know how you ended up using yours!

1. Themed Unicorn Birthday Party!

Use the printable unicorn coloring pages to decorate the party! You can lay them out under a clear tablecloth as a decoration or hang them on a wall. You can use these unicorn pages as a birthday party invitation or create a designated coloring station! Get all the kids involved by having them select their favorite unicorn coloring page and supply all the markers, crayons, and coloring pencils to have them fill in the pages! They each get something to take home, or they can leave it for the birthday kid as a card!

2. Use the Coloring Pages as a school activity!

Use our pages in a classroom! You can print out the pages and have the children color them in as extra credit or an activity before the lesson to help them release pent-up energy, so they can focus for the rest of the class! Use them as a creative outlet for the kids!

3. At-home crafts activity on a Rainy day!

Have your kids, and even the parents, sit down and get all the crafts out. You can do more than just color the Unicorn pages; you can decorate them with rhinestones, stickers, feathers, and more! Turn the fun coloring session into a full-on arts and crafts experience.

4. Create your own Unicorn coloring Book!

Print multiple or all of our Unicorn Coloring PDFs and put them into a binder or staple them together to create your own coloring book! A great way to entertain your toddler while you are on an airplane or out in a restaurant attempting to have dinner! They will be so intrigued with the different designs on each page!

Share with us more ideas!

Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

Click on each unicorn page you like to download the PDF version and print! It’s that easy. Download one or the entire package at the bottom of the page, for great fun!

Download Entire Mystical Unicorn Collection

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Free Downloadable Unicorn Coloring Pages
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