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20 Push Present Ideas That Speak to the Heart of Motherhood

brown paper bag and a card that says mom
Speak to the heart of motherhood with thoughtful push presents
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“Buy her a push present.”. This advice may sound unusual, but comes highly recommended. A recent survey asked a thousand expectant moms if they would want to receive a gift after giving birth. A whopping 74% said yes. So, the mothers have spoken- and we all know they know best.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging, whether it’s a first, third, or even eighth. As the baby in the belly grows, the physical discomfort and the emotional roller coaster ride intensifies, too. Labor and delivery (whether vaginal or through C-section) will also test a mother’s limits. Yes, the gorgeous bundle of joy is already a precious gift. However, it would be great to honor the mom with a push present. She deserves a reward for the remarkable feat of bringing a human into this world. 

We asked seasoned moms for the best push present ideas. Whether you’re her partner, husband, parent, or friend, we have excellent options for you. You can also find products for every budget and personal taste. So, prepare to make a brave momma’s day and thank her with special gifts.  

What is a Push Present?

Simply put, a push present is a gift given to a mom who has just given birth. It’s a token of appreciation for enduring the intense pregnancy and delivery. While there’s no specific rule, the presents are usually something the mother can use and enjoy postpartum. 

Usually, the husband or partner gives the present. However, the tradition has evolved, and now, other family members and friends can give it, too. The mom would certainly welcome all the thoughtful gifts that came her way. They can range from practical tokens and daily mom essentials to sentimental treasures and valuable keepsakes.

This gift-giving tradition originated from an ancient Indian ritual called Godh Bahrai. It was where family and friends shower the mom-to-be with gifts such as sweets and fruits. They also do chores and errands for her so she can rest. Usually, the event starts at the 8th month of pregnancy. 


The Evolution of the Push Present

Hollywood and the influencer culture ushered in a new breed of push gifts. Take Beyonce, for example. When she gave birth to Blue Ivy in 2012, she received a blue ring from her husband, Jay-Z. Even the British Royal family enjoys this tradition. For Kate Middleton’s first childbirth, her push present was a limited edition Harrod’s teddy bear. 

Even the term “push present” went into an overhaul. The word push may be too graphic for some people. So, the phrase “baby bauble” was born. Some moms believe it’s gentler and less visual than “push.”

Whoever receives the present and whatever you call it, one thing is sure. Mothers deserve a special treat after childbirth. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, handmade or store-bought. What matters is that you spend time and effort picking the perfect token for her.

How to Choose the Best Push Present

Choosing a gift that resonates with the mom will mean much to her. It shows you’ve gone the extra mile to make her feel loved and appreciated. At this point in her life, being seen and valued is essential to her motherhood journey.

If you’re wondering where to begin your search for the perfect gift, check out the following tips.

1. Consider the mom’s personality and taste preferences.

Remember that a push present is all about the mom; it is her time to shine. So, think about her favorite color, interests, and what makes her happy. For example, a mom who loves to travel will appreciate comfortable shoes. On the other hand, if she’s the athletic type, she would love to receive a smartwatch.

2. Stay within your budget.

Refrain from blowing your budget on one gift. If you’re the baby’s dad, remember that diapers and other essentials will consistently be on your “to-buy” list. Set the most reasonable amount you can spend and stick to it. Check out the options in this list that are pocket-friendly.

3. Think of the present’s emotional and sentimental value. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are undoubtedly profound moments in a woman’s life. Motherhood will always have a deep meaning for her. A gift that honors her selfless journey will indeed evoke love and joy. 

4. Look at practical options. 

A mom who has just given birth has a lot on her plate. A useful gift can take a load off her shoulders. An ergonomic diaper bag, for example, can help her carry baby essentials without hurting her back.

Read on to find the best push present ideas – a list curated by moms for moms.

Jewelry is a Favorite Push Present

One of the most common push present options is jewelry. It’s a long-lasting reminder of that special day in a mom’s life. It can also be passed on to daughters and grand daughters, making it a priceless keepsake. 

1. Birthstone Rings

A handcrafted gold ring can last for many years to come. You may choose one band to hold the mom’s birthstone and another for the baby. The best thing about it is that you can add more rings to honor siblings, too. It’s an elegant testament to a mother’s devotion to her kids.

gold and silver rings with gemstones


2. Personalized Necklace

If the mom is fond of silver, she would love this gorgeous piece hanging around her neck. Most designs feature a classic pendant that can accommodate the mom and the baby’s names. Some charms can accommodate more words so that siblings can be part of the memory. 

a heart and moon silver necklace with engraved words is a great push present

3. Keepsake Locket

A locket has this innate quality that evokes romance and nostalgia. You can personalize it by having birthstones or engravings added to the piece. Before you hand it to the mom, you can insert photos, small notes, or even a lock of the baby’s hair inside the locket. These thoughtful details will make the gift even more special. 

a pendant with a carving of a tree

4. Infinity Bracelet

This bracelet showcases an infinity sign that symbolizes a mother’s love. It is a simple yet elegant addition to any mom’s wardrobe. Some designs offer other thoughtful details, such as a gold plate with the word “mom” engraved on it. 

a wrist wearing an infinity bracelet

Self-care Push Present Options

Many moms would agree that motherhood is one of the most demanding endeavors they have to take. Mothers must take care of themselves to continue nurturing their families. Self-care may mean different things to everyone. However, it all boils down to taking a break, no matter how short, to rest and relax.


5. Spa Day Vouchers

Giving birth and caring for the baby can take its toll on a woman’s body. A postpartum massage can alleviate aches, speed healing, and elevate mood. It can also boost milk production and support restorative sleep. Offering a spa day voucher as a push present will create wonders for the mom’s wellbeing. To ensure her safety, advise her to consult her doctor before booking an appointment. 

a woman having a massage in a spa

6. Aromatherapy Candles

Lighting an aromatic candle can be therapeutic. It’s especially true for a mom who’s had a tiring day. She can also use it during prayer and meditation – practices that help calm the mind and the heart. However, it’s important to note the ingredients used to make the candles. It’s best to choose soy or beeswax candles to ensure they’re non-toxic.


candle was inside a brown jar


7. Wellness Box Subscription

A mom has a million things on her plate. Sometimes, self-care goes to the bottom of the “to-do” list. Fortunately, you can purchase wellness subscription boxes to regularly remind her to nurture her mind and body. These packages include healthy snacks, organic teas, bath and beauty products. Some options even include helpful parenting and postpartum tips.

a box containing beauty products


8. Personalized Skincare Gift Card

A woman’s skin changes after she has given birth. Fluctuating hormones and water loss from breastfeeding can affect her skin’s texture and moisture level. Surely, a mom would appreciate a skincare routine that targets this stage of her life. Providing her with a gift card instead of the products would be best. This way, she can undergo the online assessment and receive the best products that fit her needs.

beauty products on a woven tray

Sentimental Push Gifts

Bringing a child into this world can be an emotional and spiritual experience. Imagine being given a precious gift that you get to enjoy every day. It is why this journey deserves to be documented and cherished forever. Keepsakes such as scrapbooks and journals can be great ways to share a motherhood story of joy, hope, and love.

9. Journals

Any new or seasoned mom worries about multiple things in a day. If left unattended, these concerns can lead to stress and anxiety. One of the ways to address them is through journaling. A 2005 research reveals that keeping a journal can lead to less negativity. It allows us to accept instead of judge whatever happens in our lives. Allowing a mother to process her thoughts through writing is a precious gift indeed. 

a white journal with the words Today I am Grateful written on top


10. Memory Scrapbooks

In today’s digital age, you can see most milestone photos on social media. While posting on Instagram is more convenient, it would still be nice to document pictures traditionally. Giving a mom a scrapbook will allow her to express her creativity. It can give her time to relax and delight in the photos of her precious bundle.

a scrapbook showing paper cutouts and flower stickers

11. Casting Kits 

Imagine immortalizing your tot’s tiny hand in a keepsake- a casting kit can make it possible. The mom could create a cast of her child’s hands and feet. She could also include her hand holding her baby’s. This DIY activity can already be a gift itself. The result is a timeless piece that the whole family can cherish forever. 

a cast of baby feet on top of two hands

12. Personalized Storybooks

A bibliophile mom would love to receive a personalized storybook as her push present. This book tells a tale that features the mother and child’s names. You can even choose the illustrations and the book’s overall look to match their appearance. It brings a whole new level to personalized gifts. It’s definitely a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

a mother reading a storybook to her baby

Practical Push Presents

A mom needs all the help she can get – whether from someone, a gadget, or equipment. She would welcome any tool that will make motherhood a bit easier. Several convenience products are stylish as well. They can provide a much-needed confidence boost while keeping mom trendy.

13. Chic Diaper Bags

Gone are the days when diaper bags only came in pastel colors and were decorated with farm animals. Presently, many fashionable options still do the job. These bags are so chic that moms can still use them when the baby has grown. Most feature thoughtful details such as extra pouches, changing pads, and accessible compartments.

a gray diaper bag with blue details

14. Smart Health Monitoring Device

Moms usually have a laser-like focus on their baby’s health. However, there are times when she overlooks her own wellbeing. Fortunately, smart devices can help her stay in tip-top shape. Aside from providing health monitoring, these gadgets are great for accessorizing, too. They usually come in stylish colors and timeless designs.

pink smart watch

15. Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Do you know that a baby’s birth weight can triple by the time they turn one? A seven-pound newborn can be a 20-pounder within a year. This heft can be challenging for any momma. It becomes trickier when she carries the baby for an extended time. So, an ergonomic baby carrier will take a load off her already busy life. 

a woman using a baby carrier

16. Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

A mom is inevitably always on the go. Either she’s swaying her baby to sleep or making a quick diaper run. Sturdy and comfortable shoes will be her new best friend. Slip-on shoes would be a great push present idea. They’re easy to wear and take off, giving Mommy more time and freedom to move around.

person wearing slip-on shoes

Lovingly Handmade Push Presents

You can still honor the mom in your life even if the budget is tight. DIY presents are a meaningful gesture that any mother would appreciate. However, ensure that you put a lot of thought into it (no last-minute preps, please!). Making the gifts yourself can even be the start of a family tradition.

17. Hand-knit baby blanket

If you have a knack for knitting, why not put it to good use? Creating a luscious blanket that the mom and her baby can share would be nice. It is handy in places that often get chilly. You can use the mother’s favorite colors for a more personalized touch.

balls of yarn and a knitted blanket


18. Homemade Bath Bombs

Nothing beats a warm soak after a long day of mommy duties. Adding an organic bath bomb into the tub will make the experience delightful. Making one your own ensures that the ingredients are safe and non-toxic.

hands holding three bath bombs

19. Gift Hampers

If you can’t think of one push present, why not include several items in one basket? A gift hamper you put together is a thoughtful treat. You can add her favorite snacks, flowers, and family ornaments. You may also ask family members and friends to write notes for them and place them in the package.

gift box containing lavender flowers , a notebook, jam, and candies

20. Hand- Embroidered Robe

A robe is an essential part of a mom’s daily arsenal. She can use it to cover herself up in the morning or to keep her warm on cold nights. You can make it more special by hand-stitching her name or images of things she loves. You can order the robe online or sew one if you’re up to it. 

blue and pink floral long-sleeved robes

When To Give the Push Present

Now that you’ve chosen the appropriate push gift, it’s time to decide when and where to give it. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect moment.

Give the gift before going home from the hospital.

Remember that it will be about the baby for the first few days. Give the mom some time before all the “chaos” to enjoy her present.

Wait until the visitors leave, if possible.

Having a one-on-one time with the mom makes the present more meaningful. This moment is your chance to say what’s in your heart. Tell her how much you admire her strength and tenacity. Let her know you’ll always be there for her. 

Present the gift when she’s had enough rest.

Labor and childbirth are physically and emotionally draining. So, wait until the mom is fully rested before presenting her push gift.

Honor The Mom in Your Life with a Thoughtful Push Present

Childbirth is a life-altering experience that needs to be celebrated. Not every day a mother brings a child into this world. A well-thought-of push gift can allow her to feel valued and appreciated. We all know that the mom’s needs take a back seat once the baby arrives. So, grab every chance to make her feel special – whether you’re her husband, friend, parent, or sibling. 

It doesn’t matter if the push present is simple or grand. What matters is that you went out of your way to consider her preferences and interests. Indeed, any mom would appreciate being honored for the most vital role of her life. 

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