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Something for the Parents: Summer Sangria Recipe


Yesterday, we celebrated my son’s first birthday. Stay tuned for posts on DYI decor, themed parties, etcetera. Today, however, is for the parents. I feel it is only fair that we too get a treat on said occasions. Because we were celebrating mid-day on a Sunday in July, I tried my hand at making Sangria. Here is my Summer Sangria recipe.


  •  2 bottles (750 ml) dry red wine – Rioja, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or a blend of a couple or similar grapes works well
  •  1/2 cup simple syrup
  •  1/2 cup lemon juice
  •  1/3 cup Grand Marnier, or other orange flavoured liqueur
  •  2 medium – large size oranges (I used Valencia oranges from, roughly chopped
  •  1 cup organic strawberries, cut into bite-sized pieces
  •  1 cup organic raspberries crushed
  •  1 L sparkling water


Prepare simple sugar by boiling 1/4 cup water to 1/4 cup raw sugar. Once it has cooled, combine all ingredients), except for the water (I liberally squeezed the oranges to extract their juices). Let stand in refridgerator overnight. Pour sparkling water in just before serving. Keeps for approximately 48 hours.


Have your own summer drink recipe you’d recommend? Comment below, and your recipe could be featured in an upcoming post!


  1. Oh, this sounds divine! Although I did mourn the end of breastfeeding a few months back, I have been easing the pain by finally being able to celebrate with such a drink!

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