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What to do outside on a rainy day with kids

What to do outside on a rainy day child splashing in puddle

When rainy weather sets in, kids become restless. They get cabin fever and parents end up irritated because the kids are bouncing off the walls. Here you will find tips on what to do outside on a rainy day. These activities are fun and require little to no prep!

Fall is in full swing here and so is the rain.

My kids have said the trees look like paint brushes dipped in red, yellow, and orange paint. Decorative scarecrows line our neighbourhood and my daughter has an ever-growing collection of autumn leaves. Having spent the past three years back east, she can’t get over how there are leaves as large as her head!

In the Pacific North West, with fall comes the rainy season. In fact, fall, winter, and spring are all rainy seasons here. Previously, I was tempted to curl up and spend the torrential days inside. But, because we just moved back from Eastern Canada, I am excited to take advantage of the mild weather.

When we lived back east, I had romantic ideas of spending loads of time enjoying the snow with my kids. What I didn’t realize is that, when the temperatures dip below a certain point, the snow turns to ice and isn’t exactly conducive to sledding or building snowmen. Not only that, but young kids plus an arctic windchill isn’t always fun. Now that we’re back on the west coast, I have sworn we will get outside almost every day. And so, even when it’s grey and wet, we have made our way to our favourite park. The kids kick through the autumn leaves, climb a rock wall, or throw rocks in the nearby stream. It goes to show that, with the right gear and a sense of adventure, the rain can actually be a lot of fun. Here is how to have fun in the rain with your kids.

What to do outside on a rainy day child splashing in puddle

What to do outside on a rainy day with kids – Prep

1. Get good rain gear for you and the kids. Our essentials include:

  • Rain jackets
  • Rubber boots
  • Rain pants for the big kids
  • A rain suit for our toddler
  • A rain shield for the stroller
  • A big golf umbrella

While there are many options as to where to get these items, this article highlights some of my family’s favourite items. I recommend looking on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace to find inexpensive and gently used items.

2. Bring a change of clothes just in case. Whether a kid trips and lands face first in a puddle (it’s happened to us) or get especially muddy, I like to have a set of clothes for the kids to change into in the car.

3. Make a routine of it. It’s hard to spontaneously go outside when it’s wet. But when it’s a habit, it becomes natural.

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