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16 Reasons Working in a Restaurant is Some of the BEST Prep for Having Toddlers

Though I'm only three years into this parenting gig, I can honestly say there are at least 16 reasons working in a restaurant is some of the BEST prep for parenting toddlers!

I had just started university when I got a job at a local restaurant. It took almost no time for me to fall in love with the dynamic, upbeat nature of the job. I loved the opportunity to meet new people at every single table. I had heard that many students develop contacts as a result of serving people who worked in their field of study. While I certainly collected my fair share of business cards, the restaurant industry ended up prepping me for my current position in ways I never saw coming… Though I’m only three years into this parenting gig, I can honestly say there are at least 16 reasons working in a restaurant is some of the BEST prep for parenting toddlers!

16 Reasons Working In A Restaurant Is Some Of The Best Prep For Having Toddlers



1. Caffeine is your fuel, wine at the end of the night is your sanity.

2. You always start off with a mouthful or two of fresh, hot coffee. Then, you get pulled away and end up nursing a cold, stale cup for far too long.

3. All too often, everyone wants you at once.

4. Those you are feeding can refuse to eat their meal for the most minute reason(s).

5. You don’t get to eat dinner when everyone else does.

6. By the time you get to dinner, your meal is cold, crusted over, and ends up needing to be inhaled at such a ridiculous speed of consumption it would be disturbing to onlookers.

7. It’s hard to have a linear thought without interruption.

8. Everyone who wants your service thinks they’re a greater priority than the next guy.

9. You end up wearing other people’s food.

10. You get to a point where you could not care less that you’re wearing other people’s food.

11.  Despite your best efforts to anticipate their needs and offer another round or take their order at the same time as everyone else, there are guests who will send you back and forth to the bar and kitchen each time you return to their table with something, creating multiple inefficient trips.

12. Sometimes your patrons need to be cut off.

13. When you’re finally done for the day and have sat down, you find yourself in a battle between wanting some time awake and not working, and going to bed to catch up some on much needed sleep.

14. Your sleep schedule is ridiculous and morning always comes too soon.

15. You don’t get weekends or holidays off. The days start blurring into one another.

16. Each shift, you put your needs last, but are ready and willing to do it all over again each and every day 🙂



Is there anything you’d add to my list? 🙂 Please share!

  1. Ha ha! Yes and often times the guests/children get mad at you when their needs are not met immediately. I was a hostess at a popular restaurant for a few summers and people could get really demanding….as do my children.

  2. Oh yes! I waited tables for years. Brought back some memories reading this. These are all so true. May I add that your back hurts at the end of every day? ! Loved it!

  3. I waited table for six years. You got everything. And it did prepare me. And as for the comment above me from Mellssande, she is right. My back killed me during my table serving days and it hurts today from carrying a toddler. LOVED THIS!

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