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Fun Bath Time Activities for a Tear-Free Bath

My kids absolutely love jumping in the bath and splashing away. Think unabashed dolphins meet a very small body of water and you’ve got the picture. Although bath time is typically a dynamic and gleeful experience, there are times where it just isn’t. There have been a number of factors we can attribute to them just not wanting in. For instance, once a hanging shower caddy fell into the bath and scared the living daylights out of my then two-year-old daughter. She was distraught for numerous bathtimes to come. Other times, the crying or general lack of desire to get in the bath have been less clear. In those moments, I’ve resorted to coming up with quick bath time activities. Below is a wonderful list of fun bath time activities for a tear free bath.

Fun Bath Time Activities for Toddlers and Preschooler

If bath time has become a source of tears or if your kids are resisting bath time, check out these fun bath time activities for kids. Make your own paint, bath crayons, create sensory bin type ideas and so much more. Great for play-based learning!

Paint with Bath Paints
  • To make our bath paint, all we do is take plastic cups, shaving cream (the less scented, the better – I’m not a fan of my kids smelling like cologne), food colouring, and paint brushes. Put shaving cream into cups. Then, combine colours. Et voila! Bath paints. I ask the kids not to paint the grout but treat each tile as a page of paper. Or, you can instruct them to just paint the tub and bath toys too. Sometimes the paint can be a struggle to get out of it. Paint away and have a BLAST!
  • Try Neon Bath Paint. Find out where to purchase it and how it works here.
  • Want something SUPER easy instead? Put a couple of drops of food colouring into the tub. Sometimes that’s all it takes to have their imaginations come to life and for bathtime to be tear-free.
  • Make bath crayons with glycerine soap. Find the instructions here.
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Play with BATH Playdough
  • Of the bath time activities, this is the one that has me the most excited. Grab some cornstarch, natural bubble bath, and colour! Follow these instructions and you have bathtime playdough. It really is as amazing as it sounds!
Create a Hot and Cold Experience with Ice or “Snow”
Turn the Tub into a Sensory Play Experience

There are so many fun bath time activities here. They are sure to decrease tears and increase enjoyment during bath-time.

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