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Momology 101: The Types of Moms According to TikTok

two types of moms with their kids

The other day, my teenage daughter told me, “I think you’re turning into a crunchy mom.”. She said this after I refused to buy sugary cereal for the nth time. Before reprimanding her for calling me names usually reserved for chips and celery,  I had to google what “crunchy mom” meant. Apparently, it’s one of the types of moms that’s popular on the internet, Tiktok, to be exact. 

This interesting encounter led me to explore the delightful taxonomy of moms as seen through the lens of this digital platform – because who needs a Myers-Briggs when you can have a TikTok-Momology?

The Crunchy Mom

a mother picking vegetables from a garden.

I’m really dying to know more about the Crunchy Mom, so I made it first on our list. She is the nature-loving warrior who makes organic living look like a breeze, turning eco-friendly practices into an art form. She’s a baby-sling-wearing, cloth-diaper-using momma armed with reusable everything.

A Crunchy Mom can spot a GMO from a mile away and turn grocery shopping into a quest for the purest produce. Kale chips, quinoa bites, and avocado on everything are always on her menu. Meanwhile, this DIY Empress transforms her home into a crafting kingdom. She creates almost everything at home- from baby food to cleaning supplies. She is definitely a queen with a Pinterest crown. 

In the world of Crunchy Moms, essential oils aren’t just fragrances – they’re a lifestyle. This alchemist can concoct a potion for every woe, from a lavender blend for bedtime serenity to a peppermint pick-me-up for those never-ending days. Her house smells like a spa, and her kids probably think aromatherapy is a fancy way of saying “mom’s magical scents.”

The Silky Mom

a mother with two children on her lap, looking at a tablet.

Meet the tech trailblazer, a Silky Mom is as comfortable with her smartphone as she is with a cup of coffee. From tracking baby’s feeding times to finding the latest parenting hacks on YouTube, she’s the digital pioneer of parenthood. Siri, Alexa, and even the occasional Roomba are her trusty companions.

As one of the types of moms, she relies on the wisdom of medical marvels and modern science. She might consult Dr. Google in a pinch, but only after a thorough cross-examination with the family pediatrician.

A silky mom gracefully defies societal expectations and parents on their own terms. Whether opting for medicated hospital births, using disposable diapers, practicing sleep training, or choosing to bottle-feed, these moms reject the pressure to conform to a narrowly defined “right” way.

The Scrunchy Mom

a mother playing with her baby girl.

Imagine Scrunchy Moms as tightrope walkers juggling the best of both crunchy and silky realms. It doesn’t matter to her if her kids play with wooden and light-up plastic toys as long as they’re having the best time. She lets cloth diapers mingle with their disposable companions. Additionally, traveling calls for plastic bottles, while days at home may involve glass ones.

For one of these types of moms, adaptation is the secret sauce. She transforms her parenting style to fit the needs of the moment. Her mantra is simple: “Whatever feels right for my babe and my mama’s heart is the way to go.”

In a world that often insists on choosing sides, Silky Moms are ambassadors of balance, reminding us that parenting is full of choices. What works for one family might not work for yours, and it’s okay.

The Almond Mom

a healthy mother jogging with her son outside.

The Almond Mom is a unique character stuck in the archaic diet culture. Usually, her upbringing was seasoned with phrases that may sound familiar to anyone who’s ever been on a diet rollercoaster -from “you’re not hungry, you’re bored” to the classic “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Hence, she incorporates this food philosophy, consciously or unconsciously, into her parenting arsenal. Furthermore, she has a mental Rolodex of diet-centric mantras that she never fails to unload to her kids. 

For an Almond Mom, nutritional labels are like treasure maps. She deciphers ingredient lists like a secret code, ensuring every snack is a guilt-free indulgence. As a self-proclaimed wellness guru, she turns everyday activities into fitness adventures. Stroller outings become power walks, and playground trips transform into impromptu workout sessions. 

This “road to wellness” that an Almond Mom is obsessed with may seem harmless on the surface. It may even promote self-care if handled the right way. However, when it involves body shaming and unhealthy eating habits, it can wreck a child’s self-confidence and encourage eating disorders. So, health nut (no pun intended) moms who are on the brink of going overboard must learn to rein in the diet gospel. 

The Helicopter Mom

a mother over her child on a computer

Like an air traffic controller, a helicopter mom manages every detail of her child’s life -from playdates to potty training. Belonging to one of the types of moms popular in Tiktok, they are the undisputed safety champions. Indeed, they have knee pads, hand sanitizers, and bandaids in their bags. These moms also document every precious moment. Thanks to them, family albums are practically Hollywood blockbusters.

Need help with algebra? Most of these moms can teach math, science, and every other subject on the curriculum. They hover over homework like eagle-eyed tutors to ensure nothing less than straight A’s. 

Sometimes, the line between helpful and overbearing gets a bit blurry. These moms might occasionally forget that kids need room to soar. Additionally, this scheduling maven has a calendar for everything, including bathroom breaks. While the structure is great, sometimes spontaneity needs its own space. It’s all with good intentions, but the fun diminishes when playtime turns into a meticulously planned operation.

The PTA Mom

a PTA type of mom leading a meeting

The PTA Mom will never let you hear the end of the  Bake Sale. She turns baking into an Olympic sport, transforming school fundraisers into sugar-coated extravaganzas. Who knew cookies could be so competitive?

If she’s not manning the cupcake table (or hounding you to do it), she’s into organizing school parties like her life depended on it. Themed decorations, goody bags, and the perfect playlist appear like magic from her multi-tasking hands. 

While fundraising is the lifeblood of the PTA, one of these types of moms may take this task too seriously. With endless catalogs and a persuasive pitch, they turn school fundraisers into a high-stakes sales competition. School meetings under their leadership can bring the British parliament to shame with their obsession with procedures and rules of order. 

The Corporate Mom

a corporate type of mom working on her laptop

Corporate Moms are multitasking experts who juggle conference calls and crayons, spreadsheets, and spaghetti spills. She struts into the office like she’s stepping onto a runway. High heels, power suits, and a dash of mom-chic – she effortlessly blends office couture and playground practicality. 

For one of these types of moms, every task is a project, and she executes every assignment with military precision. She turns family life chaos into a well-oiled machine, ensuring she conquers work deadlines and bedtime routines no matter what.

Balancing corporate demands and parenting duties can lead to this dynamo’s late nights and early mornings. While dedication is admirable, a tired mom may not be able to handle both staff and toddler tantrums in the best way possible. A strategic power nap can sometimes be the secret weapon against these challenges. 

The Soccer Mom

a soccer type of mom with young athletes

The Soccer Mom makes every game into a mini World Cup celebration. She brings her A-game with matching face paint, banners, and contagious enthusiasm. There’s always a steady supply of orange slices, energy bars, and PB&Js that’s enough for everyone. An ordinary Tuesday match becomes more special when she’s around (which she always is).

The soccer mom’s claim to fame is shuttling players from school to the soccer field with so much precision. With her minivan packed to the brim, she ensures the team arrives in style, cleats laced and ready for action.

While team spirit is fantastic, this sometimes over-enthusiastic overlord might take it to a whole new level. Picture her on the sidelines, passionately coaching from the bleachers. After the match, with a clipboard in hand and a keen eye for detail, she dissects every play and strategizes for the next game.

Celebrating Moms in All Shapes and Forms

four types of moms

In TikTok, parenting styles dance to the beat of individuality and creativity. From Crunchy to Silky, Scrunchy to the Office Mavens, each of these types of moms add their unique take to parenthood.

It’s crucial to remember that there may be occasional missteps. Each mom may have her set of traits – some celebrated, others maybe causing an eye roll or two – but the blend of these qualities creates the beautiful, harmonious composition of motherhood. As long as no child gets seriously hurt, physically and emotionally, we should let these moms be. 

We can all learn a lesson from this diverse ensemble. While one mom may be the organizing diva, another might be the queen of spontaneity. Therefore, the delicate balance between the positives and the quirks makes parenting an efficient and fun journey.  

Now, it’s your turn to join the rhythm! We’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, and maybe even your best TikTok-inspired parenting moments. Head to our blog, hit us up in the comments, and let the conversation continue. Who knows? You might discover a new parenting hack or share a hilarious anecdote that becomes the next viral sensation.

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The Types Of Moms According to TikTok
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