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Old Money Names for Boys and Girls Dripping in Classic Elegance

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During my friend’s baby shower, we asked her what she would name her precious bundle. She told us she was thinking about old-money baby names. She continued that yes, there’s something undeniably charming about contemporary names, but why settle for the ordinary when she can infuse her little one’s identity with a dash of aristocratic flair? Fair point, indeed.

If you’re wondering about this new naming trend, read on to enter the world of monikers that screams “legacy.”

What are Old Money Names?

Old money names aren’t just names; they’re pedigrees, heirlooms passed down through generations. They capture a rich heritage of wealth and status. There’s also a sense of timeless quality that makes them stand out among trendy, celebrity names. Also, don’t be surprised if you see them on the birth certificates of aristocrats, socialites, and captains of industry.

So, does it mean you must be born into a blue-blooded lineage to give your baby an old money name? Not at all! In fact, part of its charm is its universality. So no matter your background, you can give your little one a sophisticated and charming moniker.

Why are Old Money Names Making a Comeback?

Imagine you’re at the playground and you call out “Seraphina” or “Thaddeus” – heads are sure to turn! There’s something comforting about honoring tradition, especially when the world feels like it’s constantly changing. That’s precisely why old money names are coming back. They’re like anchors tethering us to a bygone era.

These elegant names can also whisk us away in a Bridgertonesque time of horse-drawn carriages and sprawling estates. Oh, the grace and romance! For parents like us who value authenticity, these names are a gentle nod to our heritage while allowing us to keep our identities.

Old Money Names for Girls, Their Origins, and Meanings

These names have a unique charm that can add old-world elegance to your little lady’s aura. 

list of old money names for girls
  1. Adeline: German; noble or nobility
  2. Agnes: Greek; pure or holy 
  3. Alice: German; noble or of noble birth
  4. Amelia: German; means work 
  5. Anneliese: German; grace or favor
  6. Arabella: Latin; yielding to prayer
  7. Aurelia: Latin; golden or the golden one
  8. Beatrice: Latin; blessed
  9. Camilla: Latin; young ceremonial attendant
  10. Caroline: French and German; free woman or strong
  11. Cecily: Latin; blind or dim-sighted
  12. Celeste: Latin; heavenly
  13. Charlotte: French; free man
  14. Constance: Latin; steadfast or constant.
  15. Cordelia: Celtic; heart
  16. Cressida: Greek; gold
  17. Dorothea: Greek; gift of God
  18. Eleanor: Hebrew; light
  19. Eloisa: German; famous warrior or healthy
  20. Estelle: Latin; star
  21. Eugenia: Greek; well-born or noble
  22. Evangeline: Greek; positivity and joy
  23. Felicity: Latin; Felicity
  24. Francine: Latin; free one or French
  25. Gabriella: Hebrew; God is my strength
  26. Georgina: Greek; farmer
  27. Helena: Greek; bright or shining light
  28. Henrietta: German; home ruler
  29. Isabella: Hebrew; God is my oath
  30. Josephine: Hebrew; God will increase
  31. Katherine: Greek; pure
  32. Lavinia: Latin; to wash
  33. Louisa: German; renowned warrior or famous in battle
  34. Madeleine: Hebrew and Greek; tower
  35. Margaret: Greek; pearl
  36. Matilda: German; mighty in battle
  37. Octavia: Latin; eighth
  38. Odette: French; wealthy
  39. Penelope: Greek; weaver
  40. Regina: Latin; queen or ruler
  41. Rosalind: German; gentle horse
  42. Sabrina: Celtic; fair river
  43. Seraphina: Hebrew; ardent
  44. Sophronia: Greek; self-controlled or prudent
  45. Sylvia: Latin; forest
  46. Tatiana: Latin; of the Sabine people
  47. Veronica: Latin; true image
  48. Victoria: Latin; victory
  49. Wilhelmina: German; willful protector
  50. Winifred: Welsh; fair one

Old Money Names for Boys, Their Origins, and Meanings

a list of old money names for boys

Your little gentleman will get a boost of confidence with these names fit for a future world leader or a CEO.

  1. Albert: German; noble and bright
  2. Ambrose: Greek; immortal or divine
  3. Archibald: German; genuine, bold, and precious
  4. Augustus: Latin; majestic or venerable
  5. Barnaby: Aramaic; son of consolation or son of prophecy
  6. Benedict: Latin; blessed or fortunate
  7. Cecil: Latin; blind or dim-sighted
  8. Clarence: Latin; bright or clear
  9. Clement: Latin; mild or merciful.
  10. Cornelius: Latin; horn or horn-shaped
  11. Duncan: Gaelic; brown warrior
  12. Edgar: Old English; wealthy spear or fortunate and powerful
  13. Edmund: Old English; wealthy protector
  14. Eugene: Greek; well-born or noble
  15. Fitzgerald: Old French; son of Gerald, rule of the spear.
  16. Frederick: German; peaceful ruler
  17. Gideon: Hebrew; hewer or feller
  18. Gilbert: German; bright or shining pledge.
  19. Harrison: English; son of Harry
  20. Humphrey: German; peaceful warrior.
  21. Ignatius: Latin; fiery or ardent
  22. Jasper: Persian; treasurer
  23. Julius: Latin; youthful or downy-bearded
  24. Lancelot: Old French; servant
  25. Leopold: German; bold people
  26. Lysander: Greek; liberator or freer
  27. Maximilian: Latin; the greatest
  28. Nathaniel: Hebrew; gift of God
  29. Oscar: Old English and Old Norse; divine spear
  30. Percival: Old French; pierce the valley
  31.  Percy: French; pierce the valley
  32. Quentin: Latin; fifth
  33. Reginald: Latin; counsel power
  34. Roderick: Old German; famous ruler
  35. Rupert: German; bright fame
  36. Seymour:  Norman French; marshy land near the sea
  37. Stanley: Old English; stone clearing or stony meadow
  38. Thaddeus: Aramaic; heart or courageous heart
  39. Thelonious: Greek; lordly or masterful
  40. Theodore: Greek; gift of God
  41. Ulrich: Old High German; prosperity and power 
  42. Valentine: Latin; strong or healthy
  43. Vincent: Latin; conquering
  44. Walden: Welsh; forest valley
  45. Winston: Old English; joy stone or joyful town
  46. Xander: Greek; defender of the people
  47. Xavier: Basque; new house or bright
  48. Yves: Old German; yew or archer
  49. Zachary: Hebrew; remembered by God
  50. Zephyr: Greek; west wind or gentle breeze

Choose an Old Money Name for Your Little Aristocrat

baby girl with necklace

Beyond their linguistic appeal, old money names connect to the past and link one generation’s heritage to the present. They’re a beautiful legacy that can remind children of where they come from and the values their family holds dear.

It can be tiresome to live in a world of trends and fads. So why not shake things up? As my friend told us, there’s something extraordinary about honoring tradition and celebrating a timeless name that’s strong and elegant.

We’d love to know your favorites. Comment on the box below and let’s see what old money name comes on top.

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