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Feel More Like Yourself After Having Kids

Marrying my husband and having my kids marked my greatest dreams coming true. I have never experienced love like I have for my husband and kids. And though my life is jam-packed with joy, excitement, and playfulness, it is also chalked full of restlessness. I healed from two c-sections and survived two kids under two with my sanity (relatively) intact. Now, my life is comprised of refereeing a two-year-old and three-year-old, perpetually refilling sipping cups, and asking umpteen times that shoes be put on, toys be put away, and hands are kept to themselves. And then, I have the night shift. As much as it pains me to admit this, my youngest has never slept through the night. EVER. Adding to my lack of motivation for self-care is that fact that my postpartum body looks, well, very postpartum. The primary issues with this defeatist attitude is twofold. One, in not caring for myself, I have become increasingly detached from my best self. And two, I am less motivated at home with the kids because I don’t feel in any way refreshed.

Finally, that has started to change. I have started to make some changes so I can finally feel like me again. Some suggestions cost a bit of money, others are inexpensive or free. Either way, hopefully, you too may benefit from some of the ways I’ve started to take care of myself more so you too can feel more like you again!

Here are 7 ways on how to feel more like yourself after having kids.

7 Ideas To Feel More Like Yourself After Having Kids

7 ways to feel more like yourself after having kids including some easy, DIY, budget-friendly ideas

 1. Shower. Every single day. You may have to wait to shower until just before bed; you may have to concede and accept the fact that your home may look like a hurricane went through it when you get out; or, have a super quick body shower and save washing and drying your hair for when your partner is home. No matter how you do it, shower every day to feel refreshed and like a normal person.

2. Ditch the jammies. Ditch your yoga pants and get properly dressed. Yes, I’m struggling typing that as much as you are reading it, but save the yoga pants and jammies for the end of the day as often as possible. Sure they’re comfortable and move with you, but neither of these articles of clothing are doing you any favours when it comes to feeling like a functioning member of society. Running on 4 hours of broken sleep feels way less minimal when you look like a human being.[bctt tweet=”Ditch the jammies, shower, and 5 other suggestions to feel more like yourself after having kids!”]

 3. Give yourself a home spa treatment. Buy good quality nail polish, make a DIY foot scrub, and set up a foot soak in large pans or in your bath. Then give yourself a mini pedicure. Exfoliate using a product like Biore Baking Soda Scrub and then make your own face mask for an at-home facial. Biore Baking Soda Scrub is a gentle exfoliant that uses baking soda as well as salicylic acid.

4. Leave the house without the kids. Whether it’s to go to Starbucks to people watch, aimlessly wander the aisles of Target, attend a class, or meet with friends, leaving the house without kids is incredibly liberating.

5. Date your spouse. When I leave the house with just my husband, I feel almost giddy. Being able to dress up for a date (even if it’s just jeans, heels, and a bit of make-up) and talk uninterruptedly to my man is a gift of time like no other!

01_hot_yoga6. Do yoga. Whether it’s by following a video, attending a studio, or finding a gym that offers yoga, finding time to move and connect with your breath is well worth your time. The deep breathing involved in yoga is proven to evoke the relaxation response. Additionally, vigorous styles of yoga like power or hatha are great for toning and flexibility. While yin and restorative are wonderful ways to work out the tension you’ve built up as a result of hunching over nursing, carrying a baby on one hip, and/or picking up toddlers. Finding a gym with yoga like, Movati Athletic where they offer a wide array of classes, including hot, power, yin, and restorative yoga is more economical than paying a membership at a pricy studio.

7. Find a gym with childcare. I know this may sound like I just suggested something uber expensive, but you may be surprised at what it actually costs. Having recently signed up for the gym, I’m currently paying less per month with childcare than the monthly price of my previous yoga studio with my student discount. On top of that, I’m not only getting anti-gravity, restorative, yin, hatha, flow, and hot yoga, but also spin, Zumba, kickboxing, TRX, a family pool, a women’s only fitness area and pool, and so much more. An added bonus? My kids LOVE going to the play place each day!

I would recommend finding a good gym with childcare above all other suggestions. The reason being is your likelihood of attending is far greater than if you didn’t a childcare option. Setting a time to go to the gym makes you more accountable, and every day you attend the gym, you get time to yourself!


What do you do to take care of yourself? I would love to hear your stories!

Disclosure: I received gifts from Influenster Central in exchange for testing Biore with Baking Soda. All opinions expressed are my own.

  1. All really good tips. The shower – yes. There is not much excuse for not taking 5 minutes to rinse your stank off. Sometimes, I am showering at 11 pm but I get it in. And this is a really great reminder for self care.

  2. All great ideas! I’ve recently started to shower more often, not everyday, but more often. I also get dressed more during the week. It definitely changes my perspective on the day. And I absolutely agree about the gym and childcare!!! I miss our old gym so much!! Unfortunately, every gym in our new location, the childcare is the same amount (or more), than membership. I love all of these tips!!

  3. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but it is easy to lose yourself. These are all really great suggestions for getting back to being oneself again.

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