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The Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies that Moms Love

Baby drinking milk from a bottle

If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking to introduce your little one to bottles, you’ve stumbled upon the right spot. We get it – the many choices on the baby gear aisle make choosing seem like a jungle expedition. So, we are here to help you find the best bottles for breastfed babies.

We know that transitioning from the breast to the bottle can be a tad tricky. Don’t worry- we’ve got the lowdown on the top contenders, from anti-colic wonders to nipple mimics that’ll have your baby fooled into thinking it’s the real deal.

The Journey from the Breast to the Bottle

Transitioning from the breast to the bottle is like the coming of age for our little humans. It has twists and turns and maybe some spilled milk. So, why do some parents decide to make the shift?

Flexibility for Parents

As much as we’d love to be superhumans, moms have demands beyond breastfeeding. Introducing bottles allows other caregivers, family members, or even parents returning to work to participate in feeding, providing a more flexible and inclusive caregiving environment.

Independence for Babies

Bottle feeding encourages a sense of independence in babies. It lets them explore and learn to self-feed, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This newfound autonomy is a crucial part of their overall development.

Preparation for Solid Food

The transition from breast to bottle often precedes the introduction of solid foods. Bottles provide a gradual step towards the different textures and flavors of the weaning process, preparing babies for the exciting world of solids.

Easier Transition to Childcare

For parents returning to work or enrolling their child in daycare, the ability to bottle-feed ensures a smoother transition. Care providers can continue to offer familiar breast milk or formula, maintaining consistency in the baby’s diet.

Facilitating Maternal Freedom

Transitioning to bottles can give mothers a degree of freedom and flexibility. While breastfeeding is a unique bonding experience, it can also be physically demanding. Bottles allow mothers to share feeding responsibilities, rest, or take breaks without compromising their baby’s nutrition.

Addressing Specific Needs

Some babies may have difficulty breastfeeding due to latch issues, oral problems, or other medical reasons. In such cases, bottles with specialized nipples or feeding systems can offer a more suitable alternative while still providing essential nutrients.

Supporting Maternal Health

For mothers who may face challenges with breastfeeding, transitioning to bottle feeding can be a relief. It allows them to maintain their mental and physical well-being while ensuring their baby receives proper nutrition.

Remember, the transition from breast to bottle is unique for each family. It’s essential to approach it with patience, understanding, and a keen awareness of your baby’s cues and needs. Ultimately, the goal is to create a feeding routine that aligns with your family’s lifestyle while ensuring your little one thrives.

How to Pick the Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Baby gear stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, have a vast array of bottles for breastfed babies. Choosing the best one can add stress to an already busy momma. So, we’ve devised the criteria you need to consider when bottle hunting.


Look for one as close to Mom’s magic milk dispensers as possible. Opt for slow-flow nipples to mimic the leisurely pace of breastfeeding. Some even come with textures that feel like the real deal under tiny gums.

Anti-Colic Features

We know the struggle of pacifying a fussy, gassy baby. Fortunately, anti-colic bottles have entered the picture. These vessels can minimize air intake, keeping your little one’s tummy calm and collected. Less fussiness means more sleep for the whole family. 


Bottles come in various materials – plastic, glass, and fancy eco-friendly variants. When choosing which one to buy, consider your preferences and the baby’s grip strength. Glass may be heavy-duty but could break when dropped. Meanwhile, plastic might be lighter, but ensure it’s free from any mysterious chemicals.


Babies grow faster than they can say “mama”, so choose bottles that can evolve with them. Opt for a size that accommodates both newborn sips and those hearty gulps from a future toddler. 


Time is precious when it comes to parenting, so opt for bottles with easy-to-clean designs. Some come with detachable parts for quick cleansing, while others have wider mouths that allow bottle brushes to go to the bottom.


When the time comes to introduce solids, you’ll want a bottle that can shape-shift into a sippy cup. Look for those with interchangeable tops, transforming seamlessly into the next stage of your baby’s feeding journey.


Good quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. Consider your budget and explore the market wisely. Many affordable options still work like a charm and won’t break the bank.

Best Anti-Colic Bottles

Picture this: your precious bundle of joy, nestled in your arms, ready for a nourishing feeding session. But the dreaded colic lurks in the shadows, threatening to disrupt the peace and tranquility of this tender moment.

Enter the hero of our tale – the anti-colic bottle. Its ingenious design brings comfort and relief. You see, colic is often triggered by air ingestion during feedings, leading to tummy aches and distress to our little ones.

Read on to discover the best anti-colic bottles experts and parents rave about.

Evenflo Balance + Angled Bottle

evenflo balance and angled bottle

The nipple is the Evenflo Balance + Angled Bottle’s star of the show. Ah, what a marvel of engineering! Crafted to mimic the natural shape of Mom’s bosom, it promotes a healthy latch. It ensures your little one feels right at home during feeding time.

This bottle’s anti-colic venting system can ward off colic, gas, and fussiness, all in a single piece. Its angled shape causes a slow and steady flow rate, creating a calm and gulp-free experience. Lastly, Evenflo worked with baby feeding experts to fine-tune every detail.

Mam Easy Start Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

mam easy start ant-colic bottle

Rumor has it that Mam bottles boast a staggering 94 percent success rate in guiding little ones through their transition from breast to bottle. And if the reviews echoing through several parenting communities are to be believed, this claim holds true.

This specially designed bottle, made from a plastic and silicone blend, offers a venting system to battle the dreaded colic. The silky soft nipple allows your little cherub to latch with ease. Furthermore, the wide-neck design and removable base make cleansing these vessels a breeze. It means more time for precious cuddles with your baby. 

Munchkin Latch Baby Bottle

munchkin latch baby bottle

This doctor-recommended option has a one-way valve that guards against gas and colic, ensuring a tranquil night for everyone. This feature lowers discomfort at each gentle sip.

The unique nipple is a testament to the ingenuity of Munchkin’s artisans. Designed to stretch, flex, and copy the graceful movement of mom’s breast, it promises a proper latch during every feed. Fortunately for harried parents, this BPA-free 8oz bottle comes with a design that is easily cleanable. 

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Anti-Colic Bottle

We have been discussing bottles that can ease the transition from breast to bottle. How about one that can also do the reverse? Dr Brown’s Natural Anti-Colic variant follows the breast’s shape, so your baby won’t mind going back and forth between the breast and the bottle.

It also mimics the breast’s natural flow so your little one feeds at a comfortable pace. Moms also love how you can detach the internal vent system when the baby’s old enough to drink milk without help. So, there’s no need to buy new bottles for your growing child. Lastly, Dr Brown is committed to preserving the environment with their partnership with the Plastic Bank. It’s a win-win situation for your family and the planet!

Best Bottles for Newborns

In the delicate early days, choosing the right bottle for your newborn is paramount to their comfort and well-being. These precious babies have unique needs and requirements when it comes to feeding. Their tiny mouths and delicate suckling reflexes call for thoughtfully designed bottles to mimic the natural flow and feel of breastfeeding.

We’ve rounded up bottles crafted specifically for newborns.
They feature nipples with a slower flow rate. Additionally, they mirror the gentle pace of breastfeeding, allowing newborns to feed at their own pace without becoming overwhelmed.

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle

This bottle has a wide, breast-like silicone nipple, a dramatic curved design, and a base crafted for the gentle grasp of tiny fingers. These features make it an excellent feeding partner for your babies. 

The brand’s three-piece anti-colic venting system shields against the air threatening to disrupt feeding time’s tranquility. Many parents praise this feature, heralding its ability to alleviate their baby’s gas and discomfort. But the wonders do not end there – the distinctive star valve ensures the proper flow. Additionally, there is a heat-sensing feature within the anti-colic venting tube. It alerts you should the milk reach temperatures too hot to bear.

Comotomo Baby Bottle 

Comotomo Baby Bottle 

This newborn bottle is made of soft silicone that feels much like Mom’s breast, leading to an easy transition. Plus, the wide neck makes pouring in breast milk or formula simple without making a mess.

Cleaning is a breeze, too. The silicone nipple pops out easily, and there aren’t many little spots for dried milk to hide. Best part? You can toss it in the dishwasher (top rack) or microwave. It’s also slightly squishy, so it’s easy to store and doesn’t hold onto that funky smell some plastic bottles do. Plus, it comes in many happy colors, and you can even get a sippy cup spout for when your little one is ready. 

Olababy Gentle Baby Bottle

Olababy Gentle Baby Bottle

Crafted from soft silicone and available in 4- and 8-ounce sizes, this bottle’s design makes feeding time a breeze for you and your little one. Its innovative nipple that feels like mommy’s breasts makes latching easier. No more struggling to get your baby to accept a bottle – with Olababy, the transition is smoother than ever.

Moreover, it features a dual-venting anti-colic system. It ensures that your tiny tot doesn’t gulp down too much air during feedings, which can lead to discomfort. The off-centered nipple facilitates a steady milk flow.

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle

I did not expect to describe a baby bottle as cute, but the Nanobebe deserves that adjective. If I had a baby now, I would buy a ton. However, it’s more than just aesthetics. This bottle’s nipple design copies the feel and flow of momma’s breasts. Its unique flexible body lets babies squeeze on them – something they like to do when breastfeeding.

Another good thing about this dainty bottle is that it only has two removable parts. You can just put them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Lastly, it’s one of the most inexpensive sets on the market, so it definitely won’t dent your budget.

Tips on How to Switch from Breast to Bottle

Are you ready to switch your little one from the breast to the bottle? Here are some tips to guide you through this journey with grace and ease.

Make patience your greatest ally. 

Begin by introducing the bottle gradually. Offer it during a calm and relaxed feeding time when your baby is neither too hungry nor too full. This gentle approach lets your little one become familiar with the new sensation without feeling overwhelmed.

Consider the magic of mimicry. 

Choose a bottle with a nipple design that closely resembles the breast, easing the transition for your little munchkin. Entice them to take the bottle by gently stroking their cheek or offering a familiar scent, such as Mom’s milk, on the bottle nipple.

Remember the power of persistence. 

It may take time for your baby to embrace the bottle fully. However, with consistent encouragement and gentle reassurance, they will grow accustomed to this new mode of feeding.

Let go of pressure.

Avoid forcing the bottle upon your child or becoming discouraged if they resist initially. Instead, maintain a calm and positive demeanor, offering the bottle with love and patience.

Do not despair if setbacks occur along the way. Remember, every child has their own quirks, and the transition journey unfolds at its own pace. Celebrate each small victory, whether a successful latch or a peaceful feeding session. 

Shift from Breast to Bottle with Ease

From the gentle silicone nipples to the innovative anti-colic venting systems, we’ve explored the best bottles for breastfed babies that make feeding time more manageable.

I invite you, mommas, to join our community and share your stories of triumph and discovery. Whether it’s a tale of a successful transition or a recommendation for a bottle that worked wonders for your babe, surely your words can inspire other moms on the same journey. 

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The Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies
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