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Free, Printable, and Cute Behavior Charts for Kids

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Do you have a little one who needs some extra encouragement to make good choices and behave well? What about a child struggling with a specific conduct or habit that you want to help them improve? Behavior charts for kids are your allies in this endeavor.

These visual tools are a great way to track and reward positive behavior and set goals. Additionally, behavior charts encourage your child to stay on the right track. They’ve been a huge help when potty training my boys and were very handy when I had to make sure they remembered to complete their morning routine.

We’ve created free, printable behavior charts for your little ones (s) in different designs below. Pin, save, or share the image below to help other parents, too!

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Behavior Charts for Girls

Little princesses deserve their special behavior chart. The ones below feature adorable, feminine designs. Print them as is or customize them to fit your needs.

Behavior Charts for Boys

These behavior charts are perfect for your little man. These designs will surely capture their attention and motivate them to make good choices.

Gender-Neutral Behavior Charts

For families with multiple children or those who prefer gender-neutral designs, we’ve also created ones that work for boys or girls.

When to Use Them

There are lots of situations where behavior charts can be useful for children. Some common examples include:

  • Potty training
  • Encouraging good bedtime habits
  • Promoting responsibility and completing chores
  • Fostering positive social skills, such as sharing and taking turns
  • Motivating academic progress and completing homework tasks

The possibilities are endless! You may also find behavior charts useful in your classroom if you’re a teacher.

How to Use Charts Effectively

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Behavior charts are great tools. However, they require consistency and intention to be effective. Here are some tips on how to use them efficiently:

  1. Choose a specific behavior or goal that you want to focus on.
  2. Discuss the behavior or goal with your bubba and explain the chart’s purpose.
  3. Decide on a reward system, such as stickers, points, or tokens, for good behavior or progress toward the goal.
  4. Set a timeframe for using the chart, whether it’s daily, weekly, or longer.
  5. Display it in a visible and accessible location for your munchkin.
  6. Track your child’s progress by marking off or adding stickers to the chart when they exhibit positive behavior or progress toward their goal.
  7. Celebrate and reward your little one when they reach their goal or consistently exhibit positive behavior.
  8. If your bubba struggles with achieving their goal, troubleshoot and adjust the chart as necessary.
  9. Once your little one consistently meets the goal, consider transitioning to a new behavior or goal and continuing to use it as a tool for positive reinforcement.
  10. Use praise and encouragement along with behavior charts to reinforce good behavior and build a positive parent-child relationship.


Behavior charts are like Robins in Batman’s belt; they are helpful tools for parents to reinforce positive behavior. Use them to your advantage, and follow the tips above to ensure their effectiveness.

Do you use behavior charts in your household? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

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