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Looking For The Best Wearable Breast Pump? We’ve Got 5 For You

More than a breastfeeding pillow, armchair, and relaxing playlist, the best wearable breast pump on the market, to a breastfeeding mother, is the ultimate wingman. No other accessory can ease the discomfort of breast engorgement. Neither is there a tool that can better help a mom keep her baby breastfed even when she’s away.

Although you may eventually decide to shift to another means of feeding your baby, using a really good pump will make your journey so much more comfortable and easy. That’s why you should make sure to get the finest one.

The best wearable breast pump should be as comfortable as wearing your favorite bra. I’d love it if it’s ultra quiet, has superior suction power, is easy to clean, and is affordable. It should not leak and must seamlessly transfer milk from the pump to the bottle or breastmilk storage bag with little fuss. The breast pump should have some sort of display to let you know how much battery life there is left before you need to charge.

We did our homework and put together a list of five of the best wearable breast pumps on the market today. Do your due diligence before ordering one, of course.

Momcozy breast pump

What’s great about it: The superstar feature of this breast pump is its impressive suction. The fact that it’s completely wearable under your clothes doesn’t diminish its suction capacity. It has a mixed pump function (five quick draws followed by a longer, harder draw) that makes suction more efficient.

It’s small, comfortable, and not at all clunky, too. You can move about the house while pumping milk. Working while pumping is possible with this breast pump, too. It doesn’t have any wires or isn’t attached to a bulky battery pack that will keep you tethered to your seat as you pump.

There’s value for your money, to be sure. Each pump comes with a USB-C charging cable, a replacement valve, and an elastic bra strap. Everything fits niftily inside a practical storage bag.

What’s not so great about it: This Momcozy wearable breast pump isn’t the quietest of breast pumps. You can’t pump while on a work call because of the clearly discernible sound.

Also, although the individual parts are easy enough to clean, it takes someone with a sharp attention to detail to be able to put the pump back together correctly. There are written instructions. But if even just one piece is put back incorrectly, there may be leaks.

Medela hands-free breast pump

What’s great about it: Comfort and function are at the forefront of this breast pump. Its suction cups are oval and can comfortably fit any breast size or shape. And because they can adapt to the shape of your breast, there will be no leaks. The silicone suction cups work wonderfully.

The pump itself comes with an intuitive control panel that has a massage mode, which helps with the pumping. In fact, the design is so efficient that this pump can produce more milk in less time.

Equally important, this hands-free breast pump looks sleek and sophisticated; not at all clunky. It’s intuitive, is easy to clean, and comes either packed in a simple grey tote or a favorite mom backpack.

What’s not so great about it: The Medela hands-free breast pump isn’t easily portable because you’ll have to carry around a battery charger pack, too. The pump itself is nifty enough, though. And if you find carrying around the battery pack cumbersome, you can stay in one spot while charging so you can still appreciate the efficiency of this breast pump.

NaNaLazy wearable breast pump

What’s great about it: For its price, this wearable breast pump delivers loads of value. You can adjust the speed and intensity of the suction, making pumping milk both a comfortable and efficient experience.

Take care to find the correct flange size so that you can optimize the functionality of this breast pump. When the flange size matches your nipple and breast size, the pump won’t leak, and your whole session will be successful.

What’s not so great about it: This breast pump is wearable, but it seems like it was designed for smaller breasted women. Big-breasted women generally find this breast pump is too big to pump and be mobile at the same time.

There may be leaks, too, if the cups are too small for bigger breasts. You may need to hold the pump up to your breast to keep the leaking down to a minimum.

kmaier wireless breast pump

What’s great about it: The suction, for one. It mimics how a baby sucks a breast, which makes this pump exceptionally efficient at drawing milk. The massage mode stimulates production, which then leads to suction. The maximum level is at 9 (275mmHg), but many mothers find that level 6 is enough.

The LCD display at the top of each pump will show you which level you are on, and which pump mode you are using. (There are two modes you can use.) It’s intuitive, really. This pump automatically shuts down after every 30 minutes to prevent overuse.

With one charge, you can use it for a day. It charges fast, even when you use the USB charger in your car.

Also, this pump is quiet enough that its sound quickly fades into white noise. You can pump as your baby sleeps, or while you’re taking in a work call.

What’s not so great about it: If you wear the wrong size bra over it, and then move around while pumping, the pump may leak. It’s best to do some trial-and-error bra matching so you can truly see this pump’s potential.

After a few months of use, you may notice the power not being as strong as it was brand-new. If this happens, better check if the parts are connected correctly, as being put back together incorrectly may affect the pump’s performance.

Paruu portable breast pump

What’s great about it: This portable breast pump is hospital-grade suction. Some pumps reach only up to 250mmHg in suction value; this one goes up to 338mmHg. That’s pretty good suction. (Not that you need to reach up to that level. Adjust your settings only according to your comfort level.)

The package includes a measure guide for flange size. This is helpful if you are not sure about which your nipple size. Getting it right will make this pump perform optimally. Most moms’ sizes are accounted for.

The shape of the cups adhere naturally to your breasts. There’s very little leaking, if at all. The flange inserts are gentle on the nipples, especially if they’re the right size. Even with inverted or flat nipples, this pump works great because of its dual frequency mode.

What’s not so great about it: They protrude a bit much. But then, so do all other hands-free breast pumps.

Also, after a few months of use, the battery level display on the LCD screen comes and goes, as well as the time indicator. The pump automatically shuts off after half an hour of use. But with a faulty display, you sometimes can’t tell when the 30 minutes will be up.

If this happens, better reach out to customer service to straighten it out.

Baby lies on her back while mom leans over her and they look at each other, nose to nose.

How do you find the right breast pump for you?

Among all the accessories you’re gathering for your baby, a trusty breast pump should be close to the top of the list. If you find the right one, it’ll become your breastfeeding best friend.

There are a few things you need to consider to make sure the pump suits your needs. See if the hands-free breast pump you’re looking at ticks off the following boxes.

  1. The pump comes with the right flange size for you. Even the best breast pump would be useless if it didn’t fit you right. You need to find the pump that aligns with the shape and size of your nipples. If you’re not sure how to find your nipple size, many breast pumps come with flange measurement guides.
  2. Its suction power is good. Especially for mothers whose milk supply is low, the perfect breast pump should be able to draw out milk as efficiently as a baby does.
  3. The pump is easy and comfortable to use. Mothers’ favorite breast pumps are intuitive. They have LED displays of the time and suction level. These pumps are also light, unencumbered by cords, and are suited to your breast size.
  4. It’s a breeze to clean and reassemble. The best wearable breast pump should have just a few detachable pieces that are easy to clean (i.e., without tiny nooks and crannies that are impossible to thoroughly wash). Avoid pumps that come with a lot of small parts. One or two pieces inevitably get lost while you’re reassembling after cleaning.
  5. The pump is durable. There are pumps on the market that conk out after a month or two of daily use. Weed these out by checking reviews. Dissatisfied customers will always be vocal about their purchase; just like how happy customers make sure to share good things about their discovery.

In finding the best wearable breast pump for you, you need to ask one question: Does it suit your and your baby’s needs efficiently and smoothly at a reasonable cost? If it does, then you’ve found your pump. Good luck on your search, mama!

5 Best Wearable Breast Pumps
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