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10+ Ways To Be More Present Parenting Every Day

We’re on the Autobahn of information and response times. The turn around on correspondence is seemingly instant. Social media is chalked full of what I want NOW. The majority of my entertainment is held in my back pocket or in my purse on a daily basis. My phone is the first thing I check before putting the car in drive and it’s the last thing I see before I turn out the lights at night. While the internet is the reason I feel so much less lonely as a stay-at-home mom and it is the reason I make a very modest income without needing to hire someone to take care of my kids, it is a time suck. It may as well be a vortex of perpetual distraction. About a week ago, we were at a museum where Viking artifacts were on display. I couldn’t help but think how painstakingly arduous each item must have been to make. Each nail that went into each piece of handcrafted wood that was held together by each fire-welded piece of steel, though impressive, made me eternally grateful for present day. Still, I couldn’t help but reflect on wonderful the most basic leisurely activity must have been to them. And how we are afforded all sorts of luxuries, but are also turning into overweight drones. At the risk of sounding hyper-cliche, there is a desperate need for balance. I am constantly reminding myself to take a step back and get present. While I continue to battle with the pull of what needs to be done on the computer or my phone, I am getting better. Part of what helps is checking in with myself from time-to-time and focusing on getting back to what is most important. Here are the 10+ ways I find work to be more present parenting In your daily life some I do regularly some I’m trying to do more regularly!

10+ Ways To Be More Present Parenting In Your Daily Life

It's easy to get swept up in emails, social media, and other to-dos, here are basic, practical ideas to be more present parenting

1. Each morning, spend the first half hour or more without touching your phone or computer. Even though I may get lost in work, emails, or social media later on, this starts the day off on the right foot. And, since starting to do this pretty well every day, I notice that I get lost in the kids and not in “just finishing this last thing on the computer” that turns into 10 more things before I know it.

2. Create an invitation to play. It can be a sensory bin, play dough with odd household objects for impressions, cloud dough with your child’s favourite toys. An invitation to play is a play scene that involves a bit of set-up on the parent’s part. Because it requires set up, and because it may have the potential to get messy, it is a wonderful time to get down to their level and build on their play.

3. Lose your phone often. While I don’t do this deliberately, when I realize I’ve left my phone upstairs or in the car, I don’t run and get it until such time as I actually need it. It diminishes distractions. If you’re less absent-minded than me, simply turning your phone off or putting it away for a period of time each day will give your kids more quality time and will help you feel unburdened in the moment.

 4. Turn off as many push notifications as you can afford to live without. Periscope is the only notification I have because it is a live streaming app. Other than that, they’re off. And the reason they’re off is to stop me from checking my phone an extra hundred times a day.

 5. When you’re feeling pulled in a number of directions and want to centre in, take a few deep breaths and then take note of what is around you. An incredible way to really get present is to observe the present. When I’m feeling flustered for no good reason, deep breathing is my first course of action. Then, I do find observing what I hear, what I see, what I feel in the moment and just making note of those things helps me hone in on the moment.

 6. Get outside or go somewhere outside of the home. Being stuck at home day in and day out can make the draw of social media that much greater. Though I love being at home with my kids, often I crave more stimulation than the confines of our four walls. Getting outside is a great reset for the kids when they’re acting up. And it’s great for me to really focus on them.

 7. Forget the photo ops. If I could bottle up my children’s youth and have the ability to re-live each moment (less the crying), I would. And because I love them so much, I can feel this compulsion to video and photograph them. But in doing that, I’m not truly present to what’s going on. I’m not drinking in every aspect of what’s happening and responding to them. Instead, I’m deleting old photos to get enough memory on my phone, looking for the best angle with the best lighting with the least amount of clutter. Oh! and then I’m group messaging the images to all of our immediate family. While I’m not going to stop doing this altogether, my kids like looking through photos of themselves after the fact, I am trying to be much more sparing with the pics I take. After all, I was raised in the age of Kodak film, and never have I wished my mom had 5,000 more photos of me. It’s the feelings the memories leave that truly matter. And my mom was never hiding behind a camera.

8. Turn off the music in the car from time-to-time and tell a story that requires their participation or play a game. I would never think this would make much of a difference, but when the music is off and everyone is just sitting in the car, we end up having these sweet conversations, play “I Spy,” or I end up telling countless stories from when I was little (if they’re repeats – which they typically are – I prompt my kids to fill in the blanks or answer questions about the stories).

 9.  Sit down together for dinner and talk about your favourite parts of your day. While this doesn’t happen every single night, sitting down with no electronics together as a family is one of the best ways to end our day with the kids. We cheers each other, talk about our day, and usually share what we are proud of the kids for doing that day or relive highlights of the day.

10. Ask your kids what their favourite part of the day was each day. Whenever we’ve come from something together, my go-to question is “What was your favourite part?” It could be from being at a museum, a day at school, a birthday party, even the park. It stimulates conversation for my two-year-old and three-year-old. Whatever the best question or series of questions is for your family may be to be determined, but it is really a marvelous thing to listen to your young child reflect and discuss the highlight for them.

11. Take care of yourself. I know it may seem contradictory, but I am so much more of a slave to social media when I’m overtired and haven’t had time to myself. Go to the gym, visit with friends, or go on a date with your spouse regularly to feel more recharged.

How do you get more present with your kids? I would love to hear your thoughts!

  1. I love all of these! I have been trying to do some of them already, but even so, I still need to work on them-I’ve been really working on being present more often instead of photographing every moment. Not easy-I want to capture everything! Thank you so much for the reminder!

  2. One of my goals this year is to be more present with my kids. I am so guilty of being more involved in taking photos and videos of them doing things as opposed to interacting with them.

  3. Alana, these are great tips. It makes all the difference in the world when I can be fully present in my kids’ world. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Pinned and tweeted.
    Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

  4. These are great tips! I especially love #8. My daughter and I used to play games in the car all the time, and somehow, now that I have two and am more exhausted, I default to the radio much more. But the games are a great time to connect! Thanks for these great ideas!

  5. Love all of these tips. I have done too good of a job not sitting behind the camera that I haven’t gotten a single pictures of the boys outside in the nice weather this week. I am working harder at being present, though and in the end it will all be worth it. There will be plenty more beautiful days to take pictures!

  6. Yes, fabulous tips! I find that when I’m out of the house with my daughter doing something that we both enjoy, like going to a museum, I’m so much more present. I’ve also started my day with some meditation, visualizations, and yoga, and it really sets a positive ton for the day. I’m trying to work more on deep breathing, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

  7. I swear losing your phone is key!!! I use to be so bad at having my phone in hand 24/7 because well #BlogLife . Second I said no to that omg! My family life really did become that much better! I’m now proud to say it takes people a few hours non-school hours to get in contact with me via the interwebs:)

  8. Great post! I totally agree with these and I try to do just about all of them myself. It is crazy to me to see some people’s idea of parenting. Sad really. Wish they could all read this and follow your tips!

  9. I can definitely relate to Number 7. I just want to photograph so much of my little guy that I never want to miss a moment. My husband sometimes has to tell me to put down the camera and just enjoy the moment. I’m trying to be better about it.

  10. Awesome tips here!! I have been leaving my phone in the bedroom during the weekends to prevent me from mindlessly checking it. (& I have been trying to take less photos and just enjoy the moments, but I still need more work on that!!) Pinned & Stumbled

  11. Great post, it is so important to set aside family time it goes so quickly, I am trying to leave my phone in another room to preventing me checking notifications but turning them of is a great idea.

  12. I need to set times that I don’t touch my phone. I love your tip of having it off for the first half hour.
    We’ve been reading together a lot lately, sometimes while the boys eat lunch, and now that the weather is nicer we will be outside more.

  13. Love the idea of not using electronic the first part of the morning and having a special time with just your child!

  14. Great post, it is so easy to get caught up with social media. I try my hardest to not spend much time on my phone when my girls are with me but it is hard! x

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